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How Different is Power Washing From Pressure Washing Using Water Jet Machines?

The working technology behind a water jet machine can be utilized not only for metal cutting purposes but there is an array of other uses for it, too. Like for instance, water jet systems and hardware can be utilized as the base motor for power washing or pressure washing.

But some people are confused between the two since the natural tendency of many of us is to use them interchangeably. The point of concern now is, are they the same or are they completely different from each other? 

Here is something now that will help shed light on this.  

We have this one short but sweet answer to this: They are the same, but they are also different. Oxymoronic statement? Let us expound on this for a better understanding now.  

Their basic function is pretty much just the same. Both activities make use of highly pressurized water, which is significantly helpful in removing deep-seated dirt, grime, gunk, and other stubborn materials from solid surfaces. 

power washing machine

While it is true that they share similar processes, they both come with distinct features that determine how you should be using each service. Otherwise, you will not be able to optimize their results.

When you know how far different they are from each other, you’d be good at judging for yourself which between the two of them would be most appropriate to use for a particular cleaning project. 

What Are Their Key Differences: Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

As far as the pressure of the water is concerned, both methods use similar amounts of pressure. The amount of pressure each one will need will depend upon the kind of machine being used. If you happen to have a household unit, it will never fare or be in close range to the amount of power used by an industrial type of water jet machine.  

If we will be delving only on the types of the machines, we will say that there is 1 key element that will make a power washer distinct from pressure washers, the use of a heating element. 

Both of these machines can create powerful, intensive streams of high-pressure water, but power washers are taking things a notch higher here in the sense that they can also heat the water itself. While this would seem like a tad different, it creates a huge impact on how each is going to be used. 

What is Power Washing?

Power washers use an extremely high-pressure stream of super hot water. The water itself must be heated up first before being used as it will help an awful lot in blowing away dirt, grime, gunk, and many other unnecessary materials normally deep-seated on outdoor surfaces. 

The combination of the high temperature of the water and high pressure makes it highly effective in the seamless removal of deep-seated materials on surfaces. It will effectively take away residue build-up on hard outdoor surfaces like mildew, mold, or salt on outdoor patios, driveways, decks, and so much more. 

As for the added heat, it will render the pressurized water particularly good and effective in unseating stubborn dirt or debris on surfaces. A typical example would be the removal of hardened chewing gums from sidewalks. Besides, power washing is also known to have an unparalleled cleaning power in handling grease stains on garage floors and driveways.

And what about pressure washing?

The odds are high that pressure washing is what you accustomed to using right inside your own home. It makes use of the same amount of high-pressure water, but it is not heated. 

Even though it does not utilize heated water, it can still carry out an amazing job and that is to blast away dirt and debris but may not give out an exceptional job when used on removing mold, moss, or other stubborn substances. While it is still highly effective, it may have a hard time in removing tough concrete stains.  

It won’t matter which of these two types of cleaning method you will decide to use, bear in mind that enlisting the help of a qualified professional for the job will certainly get it done right the first time. If you lack training or exposure on the proper use of a power washer, you will run the risk of inflicting damage on the material’s surface.  

If this technology is the secret power behind the effectiveness of water jet machines, then it should do the same for your power washing and pressure washing concerns.

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