Sonic Drilling Is Changing the Game

Sonic DrillingFor centuries, various drilling techniques have been introduced to adapt to the ever-changing market, but of all these methods, only Sonic drilling is gaining the reputation as the leading and most reliable technology in any type of overburdened material.

This technology is definitely changing the game with its higher efficiency, precision, and lower environmental impacts, 

Now, let’s take a closer look and learn more about this technology.

What is Sonic Technology?

Sonic is an advanced method of soil penetration using high-frequency resonance inside the sonic head. It then creates a liquefying effect to the surrounding soil structure allowing the core barrel to advance. 

By reducing and eliminating the frictional force or resistance from the subsurface materials, the penetration became more efficient and with maximum core recovery with no risk of collapse.

How Does Sonic Drill Work?

At the helm of the rig, there is a sonic head with two rotating counter heads creating a strong vibration force, which became the source of resonance energy responsible for the efficient penetration of the drill in any subsurface materials. 

As the core barrel advances, a casing is used to protect the samples by closing them off, and then the barrel is retracted with the samples retaining their integrity.

Why Choose Sonic Drilling?

Compared to the rotary drilling setups and other conventional methods, this type of drill rig offers efficient solutions in various environmental and geotechnical investigations.

  • Superior Core Samples

With its incredible design that does not require air or mud when drilling, sonic drill rigs produced cleaner and superior core samples compared to other methods.

This method also has a lower investigation derived waste (IDW) during site investigations which significantly impacts the integrity and quality of samples. 

  • Speed and Versatility

Considering that every site investigation is unique, the ability of the equipment to adapt to different circumstances is crucial. With sonic, adapting to various site conditions is not a problem. There are a few drilling methods that are as versatile as this technique.

Not only that this technology can operate several times faster than the other methods, but the Sonic rig can also carry out continuous coring, unlike other equipment.

  • Safety is a Top Priority

The occupational health and safety of the workers should always be a top priority in every site investigation. With sonic, the potential risks of personal injuries are mitigated by using hands-free operating systems, smoothen rods, casings, safety cages, guarding measures, and more. 

With all these safety practices and measures enforced in site operations, the potential risks of injuries are minimized, ensuring that safety should always be a major concern.

Lastly, considering all these qualities, benefits, and advantages,  sonic technology is indeed transforming the drilling industry landscape for the better.

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